KreyoMET Local weather data service

Weather data of your own field or vineyard – focused micro-climate!

Get your own local weather forecast!

General weather forecasts are a good thing, but they are hardly ever accurate. Even the forecasts of the agricultural offices cover regions in a grid which is far too large. However, meanwhile there exists also a system of weather stations that collects the data from much smaller areas. We make use of this system in combination with your own weather station and, thus, can provide a fairly accurate weather forecast for the micro-climate of your own field or vineyard. You can view this forecast on the Internet; the Internet-based software is called Kreyo-Meteo.

What is Kreyo-Meteo?

K-Meteo service offers a variety of weather information in an easy-to-read table-format or graphical formats for any place in the world. There are products for agriculture, energy, sport events and other industries. Kreyer, through its internet platform provides customized data sets for weather-dependent decisions.

Local forecast are calculated for every 3-18 kilometres. The forecast includes the effects of local climate, topography and soil cover. Your weather station donates current readings of temperature and wind which are used in the weather forecast to increase its precision for the location of the station (station coordinates). Kreyo-Meteo’s detailed weather forecasts are calculated for 5 days ahead on an hourly basis.

What do I need to run Kreyo-Meteo?

In order to run Kreyo-Meteo station-based forecast, you need a KreyoMET weather station. The monitored data is sent via GPRS to our data platform, and the weather forecast is automatically adjusted to the conditions of the specific KreyoMET weather station. As soon as you have a customer account, you can registers for the weather forecast on our data platform webpage. You will need to enter the longitude, latitude and altitude of your weather station. The first forecast will be generated within 48 hours.

What benefits do I get from Kreyo-Meteo?

This unique service allows you to get specific and accurate weather forecasts for your own business:

  • Detailed local five-day weather forecast with hourly resolution and a new calculation twice a day
  • Providing all important forecast parameters such as temperature, absolute precipitation, probability of precipitation, cloud coverage, absolute wind, gusts of wind, wind direction, etc.
  • Easy and simple data access on our data platform
  • Easier work planning and decision making for field treatments

Seamlessly compatible with the existing applications such as disease prediction models, irrigation management, frost alerts, irrigation automation, etc., Kreyo-Meteo is an integral part of our data platform. Kreyo-Meteo facilitates decisions that depend on the weather. The application is particularly important for optimised working procedures in

  • Crop protection
  • Harvest and work planning
  • Frost protection
  • Irrigation

Weather Forecast - Kreyo-Meteo

Local weather forecast - (monthly cost per user account) - requires a KreyoMET station. Detailed weather forecast focused on weather station location (global coordinates) within 3km radius and increasing diameter, in cooperation with meteoblue.ch

Art. No. Description
12215 Kreyo-Meteo "MONTH" (Local weather forecast - monthly cost per user account)
12216 Kreyo-Meteo "3 MONTHS" (Local weather forecast - monthly cost per user account)
12217 Kreyo-Meteo "YEAR" (Local weather forecast - monthly cost per user account)

* 1 month free trial before registration

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